Plants vs Zombies Cherry Bomb Max

Bomb Max Cherry Bomb is a plant that appears in several games within the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. It is an explosive plant that deals heavy damage in a 3×3 area.

Cherry bombs explode when they come in contact with enemies. Their explosive range can be modified by adjusting Might and Area.


Cherry Bomb is a one-time-use explosive that damages certain items, including zombies, rocks, ore, and gem nodes. This weapon can be purchased at the merchant in Skull Cavern or found in treasure rooms.

The weapon fires a bomb that can bounce off enemies and walls to hit multiple targets. The amount of damage the bomb does is affected by its level and Luck, while the projectile speed is affected by Might and Area.

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Cherry Bomb is an explosive plant that damages certain items within its radius. It is available to players by crafting or can be purchased from the Dwarf (in Volcano Dungeon) for 300g. It can also be found in treasure rooms in the Mines or dropped by Rock Crabs and Duggies when slain. Cherry Bombs can be used to destroy Ice Trails created by Frozen Zombies, and can break Ladders placed by Ladder Zombies.

At maximum level, Cherry Bomb is able to deal damage to enemies in a 3×3 area and can be boosted by members of the Spray Mushroom line for a health boost, and members of the Magnet line and Stump lines for a strength or defense boost respectively. It can also be boosted by the Luck stat, which affects its chance to bounce off of enemies and walls before exploding. It is a weapon that can be obtained by Cavallo as his starting weapon, and other characters may have a small chance to obtain it when he or she is unlocked.


Cherry Bomb is a one-time use explosive item that damages certain items within its radius. It can be purchased for 300g from the shop in the Volcano Dungeon or the Mines, and may also be dropped by Rock Crabs or Duggies when slain. It can also be crafted at the Crafting Bench or found in Supply Crates on the Beach Farm.

It also appears in the turn-based mobile card game Plants vs Zombies Heroes as a Berry Trick in the Kabloom line, dealing damage to zombies in a 3×3 area when used. It has a similar ability to the Corn Strike of Garlic Drone, but deals more damage and recharges faster.

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Cherry Bomb is a one-time-use explosive that damages certain items within its radius. It can be crafted, purchased from the Dwarf in Volcano Dungeon and The Mines, or dropped by Rock Crabs and Duggies when slain. It also occasionally appears in Supply Crates on the Beach Farm.

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Cherry Bomb is a recurring character in the Plants vs. Zombies series, appearing in seven different games as an explosive plant that deals damage to unlucky zombies in a 3×3 area when activated. Its premium counterparts, Grapeshot and Bombegranate, deal similar damage but also have the ability to leave explosive seeds that will explode if a zombie steps on them. They both have a 45 second recharge time.